Trading in raw materials plays the ever-increasing role in our business activity and in result of increased purchasing power in developed countries and developing and emerging countries. STABOS as a reliable partner offers raw materials to customers in Poland and abroad. Extensive knowledge in the subject of a fuel market, coal, mineral fertilizers, refurbished fuels and logistics, flexibility and strong financial standing facilitates allow us for deliveries on time what facilitates our customers to plan their production.
Constant access to new transport opportunities as well as to reloading terminals is one of the most important elements in arrangement of the so-called delivery chain. STABOS as a company specialized in wholesale deliveries of raw materials arranges carriage of goods by ships, barges, railway and trucks. Reliable cooperation with the best maritime agencies, railway and truck shipping results in satisfaction of our customers. STABOS offers transport in various forms, port to port, port to terminal, terminal to elevator, elevator to customer.


STABOS offers the charcoal produced from the European origin deciduous tress in bits sized 10-80 mm – not treated chemically, not painted, not impregnated. Charcoal is not cooled with water after the carbonization process.

The charcoal is offered in neutral paper bags, with or without labels following the customer instruction. Available size of paper bags: 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg. For industrial customers (steel plants or plants processing into the activated carbon) we offer delivery in big bags.